Friday, July 24, 2009

Returning to World of Warcraft

I've been talking the idea over with a few of my friends about going back to World of Warcraft after a 4-5 month break from the game and it seems pretty damn likely I will this week (although naturally nothings finalized till I actually resubscribe). If/when I do, expect some details about my new experiences in World of Warcraft. Perhaps I'll do something like WoW Hobbs or perhaps not. If you don't know who he is you can check his Youtube profile out here

Previously in World of Warcraft I've wasted a great deal of time (but it was a fun waste of time and therefore not really a waste of time at all). Although with all things, it got a little dull for me. Will things be different this time? Eh who can really say. One thing I have the intention of doing is running a casual guild where invites go out on a friends (in game or otherwise) basis, instead of being a raiding guild where invites are done on who has the best gear. I feel things will just flow much smoother that way.

One thing that does nag my mind a little though is how to handle my old guild. I used to do some raid leading for them and stopped after it became more like a job then a game, however I liked the people back there and to my knowledge my old toons still remain. If I go start fresh with new characters and RL friends, would it be right to ignore my old guild? Should I atleast go in to chat with them everyone once in a while if I'm not willing to raid? Sure, it's not like I have a duty to them or anything, but still.