Friday, February 12, 2010

eHow World of Warcraft Articles

I've been thinking that very soon I'd like to come back to World of Warcraft especially since the Cataclysm expansion is around the corner so I decided to write an article for eHow. Not to brag, but I know my stuff when it comes to World of Warcraft having played since 2005 off and on for who knows how many hours of game time. If I end up actually getting good advice to people that they appreciate then that will be enough for me.

My first eHow article is on how to find information on Cataclysm. Something that I have done quite a bit myself so I figured I would point some people in the right direction. Hopefully they'll find that useful. I'll put the link to it as soon as they process it. We'll see if this goes anywhere.

On a side note I'm sure some people are going to notice this is my first post for well over half a year. Well simply put, I got tired of blogging but I'll see if I feel like getting this going this time.