Friday, February 12, 2010

eHow World of Warcraft Articles

I've been thinking that very soon I'd like to come back to World of Warcraft especially since the Cataclysm expansion is around the corner so I decided to write an article for eHow. Not to brag, but I know my stuff when it comes to World of Warcraft having played since 2005 off and on for who knows how many hours of game time. If I end up actually getting good advice to people that they appreciate then that will be enough for me.

My first eHow article is on how to find information on Cataclysm. Something that I have done quite a bit myself so I figured I would point some people in the right direction. Hopefully they'll find that useful. I'll put the link to it as soon as they process it. We'll see if this goes anywhere.

On a side note I'm sure some people are going to notice this is my first post for well over half a year. Well simply put, I got tired of blogging but I'll see if I feel like getting this going this time.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The End of Evony

Wow, most hardcore game ever. Dead and beaten in 3 days, or atleast that's my prediction. The attacks that have been going on the last few days have been relentless and I see no way to stop them. Sure, I have troops in my cities and I have wall defenses but the towns still get pillaged. My loyalty is plumiting and my social unrest is skyrocketing. I have practically no resources left.

In the end, all you can really say is that I am totally screwed over. Some of the said attackers are the people I had recruited to be allies with me, but as I have have learned Evony is hardcore and their is no place for noobs in it. Sure, as a last resort I could beg to be let in to their alliance instead but I'll just take what pride I have and accept this defeat. The last thing I'm going to do is try to crush that lucient guy for backstabbing me. Hopefully, I'll be able to accomplish that atleast by tomorrow and i'll finish my time in the game happily if I can achieve that.

But here, just take a look at how royally screwed I am!

Main City (I used an item to save my loyalty/unrest for now)

Branch City

It's no big deal anyway. Where one project ends another one begins. (Note to self: Get back to anime already)

Evony is Hardcore

Yesterday, about 15 alliances ended up at war with mine for nearly no reason. Today, I get plundered about 15 times between my two cities. Not only that, but the people I had previous recruited to be my allies have changed alliances and are now at war with me. They won't even talk to me anymore. Geese for a browser based game, this is some serious stuff.

I don't think it's going to be possible to play this game casually. Those two (wait no make that three) people who decided to plunder me must have sat at the computer all day to do it. It takes like thirty minutes to an hour to do a military action against someone relatively closeby, and they did that multiple times in addition to there building construction, researching, defense, and marketplace management? Sigh, at this rate I'll be killed by the end of the week. I said I was probobly going back to wow, and that's still the case. Even so, I think I'm going to go on with Evony for a while longer to see how long it takes me to get completely screwed.

[Darkskeleton]: How do you stop people from plundering your city?
[Best]: defence ur walls?
[Best]: archer towers the best
[Darkskeleton]: Thank you

[Best]: see alliance .. war report for how good/ bad defence can help

Yeah, turns out I was magically suppose to know to build Archer Towers to stop that. Kind of late to save my coffers for today though, I lost my entire resource income for today more or less so it'll be interesting to see what I'll be able to do after I get completely resource screwed (Probobly not much).

Before I die a horrible death, maybe I'll just kill off the guy who was suppose to be my ally and follow me to whatever alliance I joined. Sure, I heard a rumor that this JW alliance's declaration of war was caused by members of my alliance DEMONS attacking them when we were suppose to be friendly of some sort, BUT that still doesn't change the fact that bastard double-crossed me.

Yeah, you know what... He's dead. Find out if I actually managed to raise his ass to the ground on my next post. Oh yeah, and I'll get around to doing some anime soon, I know I haven't done anything of that nature recently... Maybe I'll finally start Project HiveMind?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Returning to World of Warcraft

I've been talking the idea over with a few of my friends about going back to World of Warcraft after a 4-5 month break from the game and it seems pretty damn likely I will this week (although naturally nothings finalized till I actually resubscribe). If/when I do, expect some details about my new experiences in World of Warcraft. Perhaps I'll do something like WoW Hobbs or perhaps not. If you don't know who he is you can check his Youtube profile out here

Previously in World of Warcraft I've wasted a great deal of time (but it was a fun waste of time and therefore not really a waste of time at all). Although with all things, it got a little dull for me. Will things be different this time? Eh who can really say. One thing I have the intention of doing is running a casual guild where invites go out on a friends (in game or otherwise) basis, instead of being a raiding guild where invites are done on who has the best gear. I feel things will just flow much smoother that way.

One thing that does nag my mind a little though is how to handle my old guild. I used to do some raid leading for them and stopped after it became more like a job then a game, however I liked the people back there and to my knowledge my old toons still remain. If I go start fresh with new characters and RL friends, would it be right to ignore my old guild? Should I atleast go in to chat with them everyone once in a while if I'm not willing to raid? Sure, it's not like I have a duty to them or anything, but still.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Twitter

The old twitter account was really getting out of hand with things like auto follow and services being used for it. I've deleted it for a completely new one in which I will be very selective about what goes on my twitter and also only manually follow people and only those which I actually care to follow. You could say i'm trying to purify twitter a bit and while this means losing all my previous followers, it also means that I have a chance to connect with people who I actually want to talk to and not just anyone who's willing.

I couldn't reclaim Darkskeleton since it's just inactive at the moment so I've chosen Darkskeletonx instead.

If your interested, check out my new twitter profile at

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Look into Evony Part 2

Hey guys, if you checked in the other day you probobly saw me post about having started to play Evony. It's not a hardcore game that you waste half your life on like World of Warcraft, but I've found it worthwhile and enjoyable so far.

There seemed to be some level of interest in that particular post, so I'm going to talk a little more about my adventures in Evony.

The first thing I'd like to note is that the pace of the game has slowed down considerably. A good deal of construction and research projects have been taking several hours upwards to around eight to complete. Fellow alliance members have been discussing they're troop counts and level of research accomplished at the academy. Even though I started on the servers initial launch date which is five days ago I believe, it seems I've managed to fall behind a bit. So basically, the last couple of days have been playing catch up with the bigger players in the alliance.

This has came in a couple of ways. The first, working on my research tech has been quite a pain in the ass really. One alliance member last night noted that he had level 6 archery researched when I didn't even have the prerequisites to complete archery one completed. However, by sitting around yesterday and upgrading my forge I was able to achieve this.

While thats not quite where they are at, it's still a start. The other is in a lack of troops. I believe I had boreline a thousdand the other day when some alliance members had around three thousdand. I had to queue up some troops so I went and made an additional five hundred swordsmen. This was my longest build yet running around twelve and a half hours to completion. My troop count now comes to around 1600 give or take (like I'm going to do basic mathmatics to figure out the exact number)

Oh, but what's this? A letter from the vice-boss himself!?

All alliance members with Prestige of 10,000 or greater must report their troop counts to me by tommorow evening (7/22). Those who have not begun to create an army are suggested to do so very soon. Don't forget to fortify your city and raise your populations to provide tax income. If your prestige is below 10,000 then refer to Ladygrace or Demon_lord for further instructions. Thankyou all, and I hope your having fun!
Sincerely yours,
Zalith - Vice Host

Ah damn... They're going to send my troops to their horrible death (Hopefully not). Well, I dont think i'll be attacked any time soon. I've got allies to the north, allies to the east, and allies to my south with no threats in between any of those. The only place that I could be worried about is off to the west where there happens to be a large concentration of active players. Maybe I should go recruit them like everyone else.

Note to self: Build more farms because food is raising in price while everything else has plummited!