Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Look into Evony Part 2

Hey guys, if you checked in the other day you probobly saw me post about having started to play Evony. It's not a hardcore game that you waste half your life on like World of Warcraft, but I've found it worthwhile and enjoyable so far.

There seemed to be some level of interest in that particular post, so I'm going to talk a little more about my adventures in Evony.

The first thing I'd like to note is that the pace of the game has slowed down considerably. A good deal of construction and research projects have been taking several hours upwards to around eight to complete. Fellow alliance members have been discussing they're troop counts and level of research accomplished at the academy. Even though I started on the servers initial launch date which is five days ago I believe, it seems I've managed to fall behind a bit. So basically, the last couple of days have been playing catch up with the bigger players in the alliance.

This has came in a couple of ways. The first, working on my research tech has been quite a pain in the ass really. One alliance member last night noted that he had level 6 archery researched when I didn't even have the prerequisites to complete archery one completed. However, by sitting around yesterday and upgrading my forge I was able to achieve this.

While thats not quite where they are at, it's still a start. The other is in a lack of troops. I believe I had boreline a thousdand the other day when some alliance members had around three thousdand. I had to queue up some troops so I went and made an additional five hundred swordsmen. This was my longest build yet running around twelve and a half hours to completion. My troop count now comes to around 1600 give or take (like I'm going to do basic mathmatics to figure out the exact number)

Oh, but what's this? A letter from the vice-boss himself!?

All alliance members with Prestige of 10,000 or greater must report their troop counts to me by tommorow evening (7/22). Those who have not begun to create an army are suggested to do so very soon. Don't forget to fortify your city and raise your populations to provide tax income. If your prestige is below 10,000 then refer to Ladygrace or Demon_lord for further instructions. Thankyou all, and I hope your having fun!
Sincerely yours,
Zalith - Vice Host

Ah damn... They're going to send my troops to their horrible death (Hopefully not). Well, I dont think i'll be attacked any time soon. I've got allies to the north, allies to the east, and allies to my south with no threats in between any of those. The only place that I could be worried about is off to the west where there happens to be a large concentration of active players. Maybe I should go recruit them like everyone else.

Note to self: Build more farms because food is raising in price while everything else has plummited!