Saturday, July 25, 2009

Evony is Hardcore

Yesterday, about 15 alliances ended up at war with mine for nearly no reason. Today, I get plundered about 15 times between my two cities. Not only that, but the people I had previous recruited to be my allies have changed alliances and are now at war with me. They won't even talk to me anymore. Geese for a browser based game, this is some serious stuff.

I don't think it's going to be possible to play this game casually. Those two (wait no make that three) people who decided to plunder me must have sat at the computer all day to do it. It takes like thirty minutes to an hour to do a military action against someone relatively closeby, and they did that multiple times in addition to there building construction, researching, defense, and marketplace management? Sigh, at this rate I'll be killed by the end of the week. I said I was probobly going back to wow, and that's still the case. Even so, I think I'm going to go on with Evony for a while longer to see how long it takes me to get completely screwed.

[Darkskeleton]: How do you stop people from plundering your city?
[Best]: defence ur walls?
[Best]: archer towers the best
[Darkskeleton]: Thank you

[Best]: see alliance .. war report for how good/ bad defence can help

Yeah, turns out I was magically suppose to know to build Archer Towers to stop that. Kind of late to save my coffers for today though, I lost my entire resource income for today more or less so it'll be interesting to see what I'll be able to do after I get completely resource screwed (Probobly not much).

Before I die a horrible death, maybe I'll just kill off the guy who was suppose to be my ally and follow me to whatever alliance I joined. Sure, I heard a rumor that this JW alliance's declaration of war was caused by members of my alliance DEMONS attacking them when we were suppose to be friendly of some sort, BUT that still doesn't change the fact that bastard double-crossed me.

Yeah, you know what... He's dead. Find out if I actually managed to raise his ass to the ground on my next post. Oh yeah, and I'll get around to doing some anime soon, I know I haven't done anything of that nature recently... Maybe I'll finally start Project HiveMind?