Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Project HiveMind

I've got a new idea for community interaction and I'm going to code name it Project HiveMind. My idea is to do something like a game while watching anime by blogging my thoughts and reactions about whatever it is I'm watching and write those thoughts down here. On each Project HiveMind post there will be the time I the thought hit my brain followed with the thought itself, however it will be grayed out so you can't unintentionally read it.

Now as for the game part, for those interested, you can watch the episode and highlight the text as you reach that point in the video and see how close your reaction was to mine. I got the name of this project from the phrase "Smart minds think alike" because I
want to see how different everyones reaction to the same event is. It could go as far as becomming a game with a ongoing point system with a high score table on the sidebar and possibly even prizes if this takes off.

The Rules
  • You may not select the hidden text until you've reached that point in watching the episode yourself.
  • It's fine if you've already seen the anime and still want to participate, but don't lie about your reactions because that takes away the entire point of the game.
  • You can pop in at any time, but for the sake of not ruining the early episodes of the anime I suggest you start at the beginning and work your way up.
I may start as soon as later today with this, so stay tuned. The test run anime is probobly going to be Detective Conan (AKA Case Closed) since I think mystery anime will work best for this and also because it has plenty (read: too many) episodes to do.

Rawr Zerg =P (Get the Reference?)


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Darkskeleton said...

Installed IntenseDebate for future posts since it looks better then the default system.

Darkskeleton said...

Just FYI I set it up to start up with all future posts so the current comments will stay in place.

Anonymous said...

But we already have social drinking games which we do while we watch anime! :P

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Darkskeleton said...

@Moritheil Oh really, such as? Also, there's always room for more no?

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